Test Automation For Everyone
What is this?

Record Actions

A simple UI constructor allows to write advanced tests even if you have minimal experience in writing testing.

Write End to End Tests

Edit already recorded actions and transform them into fully functional browser tests.

Run Them In The Cloud

No need to setup your own infrastructure. Run browser tests directly in the cloud.

What Makes Us Different

Open Technologies

Built on top of CodeceptJS and Selenium. Export tests any time to run them on your own infrastructure.

Easy to Extend

Tests are written in plain JavaScript. Reuse repeating steps with PageObjects.

Live Preview

See how tests are executed within a virtual browser in real-time.

Designed for Humans

Tests are written in plain English. We use texts, labels, placelholders instead of CSS/XPath wherever it is possible.

In Action

Recording and running a test with EasyTesting on a real website.

Simple and Professional

Online IDE

Maintain your tests as code.
Edit, refactor, reuse!

  • Visual Steps Editor
  • JavaScript Editor
  • Import / export tests to CodeceptJS
  • Run and debug tests in real browser
  • Git Integration
  • Page Objects
  • Variables
  • Interactive Shell (REPL)

Continuous Integration

Schedule recurring runs.
Run daily and hourly checks!

  • Automatically run daily checks
  • Get notified via Slack/Email
  • Integrate tests into CI pipeline
  • Run tests via webhook
  • Automatically retry failed steps
  • Screenshots and HTML snapshots for steps
  • Build Reports
  • Videos

Tests Recorder

Record tests with Chrome Extension

  • Detects locators by names, links, buttons, CSS, XPath
  • Performs assertions by text, elements, page title
  • Automatically adds waiters
  • Produces readable JavaScript code
  • Auto-update locators on page change (via TrueAutomation)

For Startups

No time for testing?

Cover the most crucial functionality with minimal effort. Schedule tests to check application every day.

Extend your test suite as your project grows. Export your tests and deploy them to your infrastructure if you need it.

Start using EasyTesting today to go stable and fast!

For Ecommerce

Is checkout working right now?

Don't guess, get automated tests working to be sure. It's simple, you don't need a test engineer to do that.

Record tests, schedule runs, get notifications when something goes wrong.

Use EasyTesting to make your business reliable.



$59 / mo

  • 1 browser session at time
  • Unlimited test runs
  • Unlimited users & projects
  • Export to CodeceptJS
  • Cloud IDE
  • Git Integration
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$99 / mo

  • 1 browser session at time
  • AI-powered locators by TrueAutomation
  • Unlimited test runs
  • Unlimited users & projects
  • Cloud IDE
  • Git Integration
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Pro Automation

$249 / mo

  • 5 browser sessions at time
  • AI-powered locators by TrueAutomation
  • Unlimited test runs
  • Unlimited users & projects
  • Cloud IDE
  • Git Integration
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